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Modernisation is today’s reality, be it in business, travelling or education. The traditional ways to which we all are so accustomed to are rapidly getting evolved to more efficient and comfortable ways. And with the advent of Covid-19, the education system has completely changed and taken the online route, enabling students do their regular studies and gain knowledge from the comfort of their homes. But what are the advantages and drawbacks of this newly adapted form of education? And what do you prefer, online classes or the traditional way of education?

Looking for best gate academy in Kolkata? The new and more modern method of education depends heavily on the internet and computers, whereas for all these years when we think of education the traditional classroom studies is what comes to our mind. Today the student has to choose between traditional and online classes, and the main point that he must consider is the difference in approach between sitting in front of a mobile device and sitting in a regular physical classroom. Apart from this there are a number of differences in the teaching environment, the learning style and the technology involved. Hence let’s see what are the key factors differentiating traditional and modern education.

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The modern education approach:

It mainly consists of online education, where the students and teacher may not be in the same room, but in the comfort of their homes using computers to conduct classes. With online classes the student is independent to choose the learning method, he can be more self confident with no one around while learning and be clear about what his personal goals are, rather than pursuing the common goals of the class. Amazzon gives all details about gate exam.


Education from home: you can choose your favourite college, do regular classes and learn more than ever before, all from the comfort of your home, or from anywhere. You are not required to be present in classes to take part in them. You can even pick any course that fits your goals and helps your career.

Flexibility: You can learn from anywhere you feel like and at any time, no need of travelling to the college or being present in a physical classroom.. You are able to learn at your pace and convenience.

Student-centred:Online education is student-centred. The student gets all the attention, on the subjects he needs improvements and the subjects that he excels at are made clear, which in turn gives him knowledge about his strengths and weaknesses.

Low cost: There is no travelling expense as you are able to learn from home. There is no need for paying fees for the classroom and the instructors.


Lack of socialisation: visiting classes and taking part in activities is a major part of a student’s social life.Online classes makes it difficult for the students, to develop a relationship with their peers. Limited social interaction and no face to face interaction.

Lack of focus: The learners who are less determined and lack self-motivation, the chances of them to getting detracted is very high. The learners lose track of their studies and get deviated from their goals.

Isolation: The students don’t have any interaction with the outside environment, of how a real classroom operates, this makes a high chance to make a student feel lonely and depressed.

The traditional education approach:

In this method, students and teachers are gathered under a roof at a specific time and specific place which is the same irrespective of anyone. This method of education is increasingly teacher focused. The students can discuss with the peers to clear their doubts or interact with the instructor after the class to do the same. The knowledge that the student gains is completely dependant on the knowledge of the teacher.


Discipline: The students will have a predetermined time for every period and time for taking a break. This timing is all planed at the beginning, the students follow this routine which gives them a sense of discipline and punctuality.

Social interactions: The students can interact and talk to their peers which helps in character building. They learn to share and respect other human beings.


Generalized learning:the single biggest drawback when it comes to traditional learning is the one size fits all approach to learning. We must understand the fact that each student has a different personality and thinking process, and the generalised notion might not suit him. It makesit difficult for them to learn things they are interested in. Different students have different talents and interests which this general education fails to provide.

Lack of flexibility:this method of education follows a more rigid routine which is challenging to follow and requires students to accept irrespective of how comfortable they are.

Therefore, taking into account all the factors listed above, the students must choose the mode more suitable to them. If the student is someone who likes a well defined and structures routine to follow then he will flourish in the traditional system. Whereas most students today have a unique and creative take on education and prefer the flexibility of online classes, where they can concentrate on polishing their skills and becoming the best version of themselves.

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