Do you love milk based products, but cant consume them as you are lactose intolerant? Do not worry, from now on you enjoy all your milk items without having to worry about the lactose content, by adding Non Dairy Creamer Powder. You shouldn’t feel guilty for craving or having a good quality coffee or tea, or maybe your favourite milkshake.

Today there are a lot of substitutes to milk, which are even more healthy and beneficial than regular milk. Just add to warm water and give it a stir, and there you have it, a perfectly smooth and healthy, with the same taste of milk.  Non Dairy Creamer Powder is being used throughout the world as an alternative to milk. In recent years, the number of lactose intolerant people has skipped, and causing various health problems like. To add to this Non Dairy Creamer Powder contains casein, a milk derived protein variant. And hence even acts a source of good quality protein source without effecting your health. To it is being used as a ingredient for cooking, or as a direct alternative to milk.

Non Dairy Creamer Powder
Non Dairy Creamer Powder

How did Non Dairy Creamer Powder came into being?

Non Dairy Creamer Powder is not a new concept and has been around for some years now. Holton “Rex” Diamond, an employee of Rich Products,performed experiments from 1943 to 1945 with using a “gelatinous form of soybean protein” to make a “soy cream” that would not form curds when mixed with coffee.Diamond’s experiments are the first reference to a non-dairy creamer for coffee.Frank S. Mitchell, another Rich Products employee, and Diamond developed a non-dairy whipped topping for their employer in 1946. Mitchell also developed a non-dairy coffee creamer, Perx, which was highly successful in the market.

It is also enlisted in calorie friend foods. A few years later, in 1958, the a Company developed a product that easily dissolved in boiling liquid because it replaced most of the milk fat with vegetable oil, and reduced the milk protein. This new product was marketed under the Carnation label with the brand name Coffee-Mate and released in 1961. This was followed by the launch ofCremora non-dairy creamer in 1963.The first Non-Dairy Creamer Powder which gained widespread popularity throughout the world.

What are the health effects of Non Dairy Creamer Powder ?

Depending on the brand Non Dairy Creamer Powder may have different ingredients, which has different effects on your health. Sugar, sodium, and corn syrup maybe present in ingredient list because they add the flavour you lose when you remove milk. Food colourings also find their way into the mix, too, to mimic the way milk or cream will change the colour of your coffee.

These ingredients if not organic or pure may have adverse effects on the heath. Adulterated ingredients and cheap products can cause stomach problems and food poisoning.  Plain Non-Dairy Creamer Powder contains almost amostno calories. But once you start scooping, the fat and calories pile up. Be careful how much you scoop of Non-Dairy Creamer Powder into your cup or risk serious portion distortion. Take note of the serving size on the label, and if you want more than recommended, consider a high quality product.

There is about 2 calories in 1grams of Non-dairy creamer powder. With about 250 calories per 100grams, Non-dairy creamer powder are considered a medium-calorie density food. And if you are someone who is trying to lose some weight, you should definitely consume it. As far as protein is concerned, Non-dairy creamer powderis low in protein, and is consumed by people all over the world as a substitute to milk

Total calories: 3calories.
Serving size:about 1g.
Amount per serving-
Total fat:0g


Sodium: 0mg

Total carbohydrate:1g.


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